CONCORD UTILITY SERVICES "THE CONNECTING POINT TO...." MUNICIPALITIES, THEIR CUSTOMERS AND OUR ENVIRONMENT Concord Utility Services has taken innovative actions to increase the revenue of municipalities, save their customers money & implement tailored solutions to achieve both short and long term goals.
CONCORD UTILITY SERVICES"THE CONNECTING POINT TO...."                      MUNICIPALITIES, THEIR CUSTOMERS                                                                             AND OUR ENVIRONMENT                                                                              Concord Utility Services has taken                                                                             innovative actions to increase the                                                                             revenue of municipalities, save their                                                                             customers money & implement                                                                             tailored solutions to achieve both                                                                             short and long term goals.

Connecting Point Software - Work Order Management System

Connecting Point Software is Concord's customized Work Order Management System.  Connecting Point Software connects the field to the office in real time, enabling customer service, mangement and partners the ability to keep their finger on the pulse of the project.  Connecting Point Software does many things….

It  creates an intuitive work flow process that saves the workforce time and energy.

It is a customer service and management tool that tracks and maps projects in a wide variety of ways on every scale. It is a tool that creates reports with the touch of a finger.  It creates accountability,  yet eases your mind of what you need to remember.


Concord's Connecting Point Software may be accessed via desktop, laptop, phone app or through our ruggerized handhelds used in the field.  Wherever you go, you are connected. 


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Concord is rolling out new projects in Texas and Florida!


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