CONCORD UTILITY SERVICES "THE CONNECTING POINT TO...." MUNICIPALITIES, THEIR CUSTOMERS AND OUR ENVIRONMENT Concord Utility Services has taken innovative actions to increase the revenue of municipalities, save their customers money & implement tailored solutions to achieve both short and long term goals.
CONCORD UTILITY SERVICES"THE CONNECTING POINT TO...."                      MUNICIPALITIES, THEIR CUSTOMERS                                                                             AND OUR ENVIRONMENT                                                                              Concord Utility Services has taken                                                                             innovative actions to increase the                                                                             revenue of municipalities, save their                                                                             customers money & implement                                                                             tailored solutions to achieve both                                                                             short and long term goals.


Working with Concord
When selecting a partner to assist with meter installation program rollouts, utilities and municipalities must carefully match capabilities with program needs.  The following questions are ones that Concord is asked:

How many AMI/AMR installations has Concord completed?
We have installed over a millions of meters/AMI and AMR endpoints.

What type of installations does Concord perform?
We specialize in installing water, gas and electric smart meters, as well as load cycling/load control devices, demand response devices, in-home displays and programmable thermostats (PCTs). We also manage AMI network installations.

What program components do you offer as part of a deployment?
Programs typically include:   

  • Installation Scheduling & Logistics
  • Installation Services
  • Customer Marketing & Communications
  • Call Center Support
  • Local Hiring Initiatives
  • Comprehensive Training Programs
  • Standardized Fleets & Uniforms
  • Detailed Reporting Options
  • Inventory Management

Do you have referenceable client accounts?
Yes, we would be pleased to provide references from successful client deployments upon request.

Do you hire local talent?
We are committed to providing jobs within the communities in which we operate, working closely with the utility to identify appropriate local candidate pools.

How does Concord partner with manufacturers?
Concord partners with AMR/AMI device manufacturers and AMI networking firms to complete large-scale installation programs for utilities and municipalities.

If you need clarification or would like to submit an RFP to us, please contact our bid department at

What device manufacturers has Concord partnered with?
We have partnered with nearly all manufacturers serving the utility meter and AMI network installation markets.

What is Concord’s process for bid submission support?
Our senior staff is heavily involved in bid support.  We support our partners through the preview, bid submission and presentation stages. 

Do you have referenceable partner accounts?
Yes, we would be pleased to provide partner references from successful deployments upon request.


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