CONCORD UTILITY SERVICES "THE CONNECTING POINT TO...." MUNICIPALITIES, THEIR CUSTOMERS AND OUR ENVIRONMENT Concord Utility Services has taken innovative actions to increase the revenue of municipalities, save their customers money & implement tailored solutions to achieve both short and long term goals.
CONCORD UTILITY SERVICES"THE CONNECTING POINT TO...."                      MUNICIPALITIES, THEIR CUSTOMERS                                                                             AND OUR ENVIRONMENT                                                                              Concord Utility Services has taken                                                                             innovative actions to increase the                                                                             revenue of municipalities, save their                                                                             customers money & implement                                                                             tailored solutions to achieve both                                                                             short and long term goals.

Press Release

Concord to work with The City of La Palma and ID Modeling on GIS Project

Murrieta, CA - March 3, 2014 Concord Utility Services (Concord) announced today that they will be working for the City of La Palma with ID Modeling and their smart water software, Sedaru for the Cities GIS Project.


The City of La Palma’s Water Division is responsible for providing high quality drinking water to its residents and businesses. The primary source of the City’s water supply comes directly from the local groundwater basin managed by the Orange County Water District, with supplemental supply purchased from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California through the Municipal Water District of Orange County.


This project will connect the staff of the La Palma Water Division to a broad range of systems, including Esri®-based geographic information systems (GIS), asset management, hydraulic modeling, and Neptune Technology Group’s advanced meter infrastructure (AMI).   Sedaru synthesizes this real-time information, and places findable, shareable, and actionable role-based analytics into the hands of employees, from the office to the field.  As an example, water meter usage, error codes, backflow and leak events will be delivered to Water Division staff for immediate detection and proactive resolution.  “Crews will be able to access usage data and share it; all while they are onsite working with our customers. We’re expecting that to be a big timesaver!” stated James Tsumura.


Concord will be providing the personnel that will locate all of the Cities Water Meters, Valves and Hydrants down to sub-foot.  "This is a great next step for the City of La Palma," stated Doug Oberheu- CEO of Concord Utility Services.  "The City of La Palma now has a modernized system that will allow them to make informed decisions quickly".


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Since 2006, Concord Utility Services has installed more than 900,000 Water Meters, AMI and AMR radios for local governments and water districts. Concords diverse experience with all major device manufacturers, along with the ability to collaborate with clients has built a reputation as a leader in the industry. 

The Concord Advantage:

  • Meter/AMI/AMR Installation Expertise
  • Monthly Meter Reading and Meter/AMI/AMR/Asset Maintenance Programs
  • End-to-End Resource Management
  • Dedication to Customer Service
  • Customized Work Order Management System
  • Quality Assurance Commitment
  • Local Vendor Alliances
  • and More...

Concord's extensive experience and trusted partnerships in the fields of Engineering, Capital Finance, Business Case Development, Billing Systems and Services, and Procurement has allowed Concord to assist Utilities in moving forward stagnant projects.   For more information on how we can help you, please contact us at


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